Cheerful Canadian breeze at Oulu unit

Canada network is a network of seven vocational education provides in Finland. Network collaborates with Canadian colleges, implementing student and staff mobilities from Finland to Canada. Network is supported by Finnish National Agency for Education. This autumn two Canadian cooks had a tour in Lohja, Jyväskylä, Muonio and Oulu. Two chefs  Gaétan Tessier and Eric Archambault from Quebecian École hôtelière de l’Outaouais and Riviere du Loup, Centre de formation professionnelle visited  colleges to share their passion for cooking and to teach in Finnish vocational colleges.

Oulu unit has a brand new teaching kitchen which has started lunch service this fall. English teacher was helping the students to translate the recipes and checking ingredients before the guests arrived, everybody was excited on the upcoming Canadian cooking week!

Cheerful chatting, joking, and a broad blush on the cheeks the students worked at the kitchen with Gaétan and Eric. Lunch service was excellent every day, and it was great to see how easily Gaétan and Eric got the students involved and over the first day´s excitement for working in English. Cool, so amazing, were most used adjectives when asking the student´s feedback on working with the Canadian cooks.

Canadian cooks brought a delightful breeze of joy and professional input for the catering students and staff. Visit provided an important experience to the students, it can be all international at your own learning environments as well! The best is still yet to come, maybe one of the students will have the possibility to participate in the mobility from Finland to Canada next spring!