VET Programmes

At Luovi Vocational College, students study towards an occupation in small groups, with emphasis on practical aspects. All studies include personal instruction.

Luovi offers upper secondary vocational education and training in six fields including 16 different vocational qualifications.

Vocational Basic Training 2020–2021 (PDF)

The scope of upper secondary vocational qualifications is 180 competence points, consisting of core subjects (35 competence points), vocational studies (135 competence points) and free-choice studies (10 competence points). Vocational studies include at least 30 competence points of on-the-job learning.

As part of on-the-job learning, students complete vocational skills demonstrations, which are work situations designed, implemented and assessed together by VET providers and representatives from the world of work. Skills demonstrations enable students to show how well they have achieved the vocational skills required in working life, as specified in curricula. On-the-job learning and skills demonstrations are primarily completed in authentic working environments.