Greetings from European Parliament

Last autumn eight students and two staff members from Luovi, got an exciting invitation from the European Parliament to take part in the European Youth Event 2016 in Strasbourg (EYE). The invitation was sent by MEP Merja Kyllönen. In our Luovi group we had students from three of our units, Muhos, Suomussalmi and Kajaani. On May 19th we took the flight to Paris and then continued by train to Strasbourg.

The atmosphere in the Parliament House was full of positive energy given by the 7 000 young Europeans who were not afraid to share their opinion with others or to question political decisions. One of our top moments was to meet two of Merja Kyllönen’s assistants. We got a wonderful opportunity to hear what it is really like to work in the European Parliament. Our three logistics students listened carefully when the assistants told us about their work keeping combination trucks on roads in Finland!

I have no idea how to describe our feelings about this visit in Strasbourg EYE 2016, but as usual, one of our students found the best words: ‘What a great trip’!