Welcome to Luovi Vocational College!

Luovi offers vocational special needs education and training (VET) for young people and adults.
We believe that each individual is special and deserves equal rights and opportunities in society.

Providing VET – Supporting Individual

Luovi Vocational College offers vocational special needs education and training (VET) in six fields of study. We operate nationwide, Luovi has over 20 locations all over Finland. 

Luovi offers preparatory training TUVA to enter upper secondary training and TELMA training for work and independent living.

All our education is provided in Finnish.

Blogs on international experiences

Students and staff members of Luovi Vocational College are sharing their experiences abroad on this blog.

    Contact information

    Luovi Vocational College
    P.O. Box 389
    90101 Oulu

    Our main contacts with International Affairs are:

    Manager of International Affairs
    Ms Mari Kontturi
    +358 40 319 3264
    email: mari.kontturi@luovi-admin

    International coordinator
    Ms Miia Tolonen
    +358 40 319 3183