Luovi in Brief

Luovi Vocational College is the largest provider of special needs vocational education and training, VET, in Finland. Luovi operates nationwide and we have over 30 locations all over Finland. We believe that each individual is special and deserves equal rights and opportunities in society.

Luovi Fact Sheet

  • Current student number globally enrolled in the field of VET is over 2000
  • The total number of staff is over 900, since students need a lot of support and we provide student welfare services too.
  • Some of the students have a personal assistant.
  • Luovi ’s turnover is 74,9 Million Euro (2024)
  • Official member of Education Finland

The best place in the world of diverse people and competence

We promote employment and good life of our students through innovation and collaboration. We have highly trained and motivated staff and on-going staff development is important part of our activities.

Our vision is to be the best place in the world of diverse people and competence. Our values are trust, innovation, competence, caring and joy.

Video about Luovi

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Luovi offers vocational special needs education and training (VET) on upper secondary level for young people:

  • vocational qualifications in six fields of study
  • preparatory training TUVA to enter upper secondary training
  • TELMA training for work and independent living and

Learning takes place in collaboration with world of work and in real working places. Every student has a personal study plan, which is monitored in a multi professional team.

Expert services

Luovi provides expert services to mainstream VET and other partners. These activities include training, consultation and supervision of work as well as research and teaching materials. The need for special support is taken into account in teaching materials for example using clear language and images supporting the text.

Expert services are tailor made and designed together with the client. The length of the services vary from one day training to long lasting consultation.