Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

3 H – Project

Head, Heart, Hand

The 3-H project tries to help the high number of young people in VET pathways who are unmotivated or don’t feel well at school, a problem significantly accentuated by these last two years of the pandemic.


  • The goal remains to prevent early school leaving,
  • involving individual students in their personal motivations,
  • working on methodologies that facilitate the acquisition of socio-emotional skills and
  • on the other hand addressing students’ demotivation and malaise at school.


  1. Development of knowledge and methodologies to allow teachers to work on socio-emotional aspects
  2. Outline a strong reception model, dedicated to the first months of the students’ entry into VET courses
  3. Development / adoption of good practices that promote pupils’ well-being at school (from reception onwards) and motivate students
  4. Developing PBL experiences to develop socio-emotional skills and learn content in an authentic and contextualized way


3 H Project is coordinated by ENAC, Italy.

Other partners are:


Sanna Häkkilä-Ruottinen
Special Needs VET teacher
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