BIDS – Bridging Inclusion, Digitalization and Sustainability

BIDS project aims to strengthening partnerships to support the development and implementation of internationalization strategies in Vocational education.  Project also targets to improve and ensure quality in the student and staff mobilities. One of these goals we will bridge a model based on the priorities of the Erasmus+ program, inclusion, digitalization and sustainability to be realized in the VET providers strategies and implementation.

BIDS project is continuing where the previous Erasmus+ funded project Bridge the Ocean – BTO, the inclusion of cross continental mobility enabled students and teachers to experience learning opportunities spanning four countries across two continents.  BIDS was created to deepen the collaboration and binding common goals together after teh successful BTO project.

European partners are experienced in mobility in Europe. Developing international activities in VET requires new initiatives to global mobility and the project Bridging inclusion, digitalization and sustainability, herein referred to as BIDS, meets these needs.

BIDS project promotes the international learning opportunities both for European students to Canada and Canadian students to Europe.  We aim to further develop a model for developing cooperation between European and Canadian VET colleges.

The mobility programmers are the key method in the implementation of these strategies. So far mobility activities have taken place mainly in Europe. However, there is an interest and a need to develop the strategic approach further to other continents. The project will have 3 main events that support the creation of the models for sustainability, inclusion, and digitalization. The first two week learning teaching training takes place in Canada in May 2024. Stay tuned for results in the making!

Our goals are

  • to understand the global perspective in VET
  • to strengthen the international aspect in the strategy of partner organisations -to develop the structure for reciprocal mobility and further cooperation between European and Canadian VET colleges
  • to build a network of VET colleges to support the international collaboration BIDS creates possibilities and builds structures for long-term cooperation. Having committed management and motivated staff is crucial to develop the activities together.
BIDS Project Group standing together.


  • Tradium (Denmark), coordinator
  • Nova Scotia Community College (Canada)
  • Luovi Vocational College (Finland)
  • Turun kaupunki – Åbo stad (Finland)
  • Kainuun ammattiopisto (Finland)
  • New Brunswick Community College (Canada)
  • ATEC – Associação de Formação para a Industria (Portugal)
  • Ammattiopisto Lappia (Finland)
  • Stichting Regionaal Opleidingen Centrum Aventus (Netherlands)

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Miia Tolonen
International Coordinator
+358 40 319 3183