Beyond the classroom walls:learning in different environments

“Beyond the classroom walls: learning in different environments” is a collaborative Nordplus project involving four vocational schools: Vocational training centre of Panevezys (Lithuania), Daugavpils Trade Vocational Secondary School (Latvia), Luovi Vocational College (Muhos, Finland) and Brahe Education Centre (Finland).

Goals of the project

The main aim of the project is the development of teachers’ professionalism through improvement of pedagogical and didactical methods. The objectives are:

  • To educate teachers of general subjects for enhanching  innovative teaching methods.
  • To develop teachers’ key and professional competences
  • To encourage teaching in verstile environments, including outdoor learning and integrated learning
  • To strengthen and develop cooperation between Lithuanian, Latvian and Finnish schools and promote Nordic-Baltic cultural understanding.

The main target group are teachers of general education (core) subjects and other partners’ pedagogical staff. The project duration is 2 years. The activies online and face to face will enable us to reach the project goals.The project will promote improvement of pedagogical and didactical methods, such as blended learning, collaborative learning, co-teaching, gamification in learning and crossover learning. It will also encourage learning in different environments: virtual, physical and outdoor.

Project partners

Vsl Panevézio profesinio rengimo Centras -logo.
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Miia Tolonen, International coordinator,, + 358 40 319 3183