Study visits – Upskill yourself

Come and see how we support different learners

The number of learners who have challenges in learning and who need support in their studies is growing constantly. Examples of special educational needs, SEN include learning difficulties, social difficulties, physical and mental illnesses. At Luovi Vocational College we believe that each individual is special and deserves equal rights and opportunities. Routes to employment and good life.

At Luovi Study Visit you experience how we support different learners in learning and employment. Luovi has a long experience in organising study visits for foreign visitors and is a highly regarded in-house trainer and consult in the field of SEN in Finland.

Content of the visit

Tailor-made combination of lectures and visits to learning environments with discussions with students, educational professionals and workplace representatives. Presentation of Finnish Education System is included in the programme.

Examples of the topics to be chosen:

  • Educational Support: Guidance, Counselling and Student Welfare Services
  • Individual Learning Paths
  • Learning Environments
  • Work-based Learning
  • ICT as a Tool for Learning
  • Assessment
  • Leadership and Management.


  • Learn with the Finland’s SEN professionals
  • Strengthen your professional networks
  • Get new ideas to support SEN students and improve the learning outcomes
  • Find new ways to develop your competences and your organization or educational system.

To whom?

  • Educational organizations
  • Leaders in education
  • Professionals working with special need students
  • Teacher educators and trainees
  • Researchers

Contact information

Ms Mari Kontturi
Manager of International Affairs
+358 40 319 3264

Ms Anne Tornberg
Director of Development
+358 40 319 3675