Luovi offers vocational special needs education and training (VET) for young people and adults. We believe that each individual is special and deserves equal rights and opportunities in society.

In Luovi, we offer teaching in many fields of studies in several forms of learning:

Prepataratory training and vocational upper second qualification are aimed for young people with no earlier vocational upper secondary qualification.

Vocational examinations are directed at people with a secondary qualification or matching experience from working.

Specialist vocational qualifications are meant for people with vocational upper secondary qualification and/or strong working experience from the field of study.

Applying all around the year

You can apply for education at Luovi all around the year. Please read the information below and contact us, we’ll guide you through the process. See our contact information at the bottom of the page.

You can also contact us with any questions concerning applying or studies, for example:

  • information about fields of studies and studying at Luovi in general
  • information about tryouts and visits where you get to see what studying in Luovi is like
  • help with applying for studying and tryouts
  • guidance for choosing the right field of education
  • guidance for planning your studies

Who is qualified to study at Luovi?

Applicants with a reason for special education, guidance and consultation in studies or employment are qualified to study at Luovi. Reasons may include ie.:

  • health issues
  • learning difficulties
  • social difficulties

We will also consider the applicant’s suitability and readiness to study at the desired field of study.

Vocational studies also may require degree specific health requirements to promote safety in studies and work. If, due to illnesses or disabilities, the applicant will not be able to perfom certain assignments and achieve required skill standards in the field, you should discuss it with us when applying. Together we can find a way to overcome the challenges with individual educational planning. Also, because of legal protection reasons, it is important that applicants aren’t picked to study a field where they won’t be able to work because of health reasons.

Immigrant applicants with a need for special education can apply for Luovi, if they have satisfactory Finnish language skills. If needed, the language test is held within the application process. You need a report from immigration officer which points out your need for special education.

When choosing students, we may organize an interview, tryout or entrance examination and if needed, a suitability test.

What attachments do we need?

We need copies of documents telling your current need for special education. The documents must be less than one year old. If you are applying for many different units or fields of studies, we only need one copy of each attachment.

These attachments may include:

  • individual education plan (IEP)
  • medical or psychological report for studies
  • report from your student counsellor, special needs instructor or student welfare
  • pedagogical estimate
  • rehablilitation or service plan

Please also attach copies of the following:

  • elementary school diploma
  • other certificates of studies (all pages included)
  • records of unfinished studies
  • job certificates

If you have been at a study tryout in Luovi, you don’t need to attach previous documents again, unless they have changed after the tryout.

Immigrant applicants need a report from immigration officer which points out your need for special education.

You may send the attachments to the address below:

Ammattiopisto Luovi
PL 389
90101 Oulu

You can also send copies by e-mail (at your own risk) hakutoimisto(a)


Luovi Vocational College has student dorms in the following places:

  • Alavus
  • Kokkola
  • Liminka
  • Liperi
  • Muhos
  • Oulu
  • Pori
  • Tornio (maintained by Lappia Vocational College)

Contact us:

Please contact us with any questions on applying or studying!

Tel. +358 40 319 3352
Email: hakutoimisto(a)
Street address: Veteraanikatu 2 (H15-rakennus), 90130 Oulu