Dream college

DREAM COLLEGE –Learning Environments and Vocational Competencies is a certified staff exchange project which was launched in 2009.

The project is coordinated by Ammattiopisto Luovi (Luovi Vocational College) and the Finnish partners in the project are mainly vocational special education institutions. The partner institutions are Keskuspuisto Vocational College, Validia, Kiipula Vocational College, Bovallius Vocational College and Seurakuntaopisto.  European partners are mainly vocational colleges and local authorities. In this project the partners come from the Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom.

The theme of the project is the development of learning environments. The role of a special needs teacher has changed from traditional teaching to support the professional growth of the student as a coach. New learning environments make the individual approach possible. The focus in the staff exchanges is to familiarize with the solutions of building learning environments for students with most severe disabilities in partner European countries. The aim is to develop the competencies of the participants and to create possibilities for future development of learning environments in the participating institutions. The learning environments are approached from the view of pedagogical accessibility. The themes include multicultural issues, physical and virtual learning environments and accessibility of working places.

The participants are teachers and other staff members who have a lot of experience in working with the students with special needs. The duration of a staff mobility is one week. All together 30 mobilities will be arranged in 2014-2016. They will be arranged in groups and all the participants take part in preparation. The specific themes for each exchange will be tailored together with the participants and receiving organisation.

The concrete products of the project are reports and work books which will be used in the further development work of learning environments in the participating colleges. The results of the project will be used in developing the international pathway of the staff in the network of Finnish colleges.