Erasmus+ job shadowing period in Basque country was a great opportunity for Luovi`s marketing manager Elina Koskela to deepen her knowledge and perspectives on communications in vocational education.

She got to know the principles of vocational education and training for young people in Basque Country during her visit to Hetel Organization in Durango in May 2023. It was useful to see how marketing and communications were organised in Hetel Communication Working Group but also in vocational schools eg. Egibide and Politeknika Txorierri. The meetings with teachers, project coordinators and students in both schools were meaningful and well-organized.

Egibide and Politeknika Txorierri are both vocational schools In the Basque Country.

Their learning enviroments, projects with working life and methodology they had invented to co-operation were introduced to Elina. These visits opened her eyes to their way to co-operate with working life and to provide services of students eg. in digital marketing. The best part of the period was to meet all the colleagues in the communication working group of Hetel. It was so useful to notice that in the communication work our moments of joy and the challenges are so similar despite the different environment.

– The mobility period can be a useful experience and you can gain skills that you can use in your own work but it needs to be well organized and planned. It is important to pay attention to the goals that you have set to your mobility. I was lucky to have well organised and successful visit to Hetel. Eskerrik asko!

Elina Koskela, Marketing Manager at Luovi