Handbook: Connecting Europe – Seppo Game

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The general objective of the Seppo Game “Connecting Europe” is to deliver and distribute knowledge, information and experiences about the practices, customs and appropriate behaviour for a young person who is about to participate in a student mobility abroad. The other general objective is to promote diversity and intercultural co-operation and good will.

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Learning outcomes

At the end of the training, the learner has learned about customs, traditions and various policies of European countries. The learner has also gathered knowledge and information about interactive, co-operational and cultural skills needed when traveling abroad in general and when participating in student mobilities within European framework.

Delivery guidelines

Gamification process is, or should be, self-regulated, autonomous and independent. The Seppo Game is designed to be used by anyone who has a pin-code, sent by the instructors.

If needed, when a learner has completed the cycle of assignments on both levels, there can be a discussion of the contents and their implementation.

Pedagogical guidelines

Learning by Seppo-Game is based on the pedagogical principles of gamification;

  • all learning is based on appropriate motivation; gamification offers instant rewards for performed tasks
  • learning should be fun, engaging and participatory; gamification makes the learning process non-threatening, inviting and accessible
  • learning by gamification is rewarding because it provides a learner with appropriate amount of challenge for each task and encourages a learner to approach each task with a confidence and sense of discovery
  • each task provides a learner with some information about different aspects of the whole

in their entirety the tasks of Seppo-game provide a coherent framework for a theme, which in this case is the European cultures, respect of diversity and skills needed when travelling abroad

Technical guidelines

  • Seppo Game is HTML template, with fully functional email notification mechanism for sending messages via contact form
  • accessible only visually

English language version only

Peer Reviews

Student from Finland:
Fun and exciting game!

Teacher from Finland:
Fun and diverse – a nice addition to Seppo Games!