Test and courageously take advantage of digital services, VR, AR or other gamification in teaching – even for the first time

Learning games are engaging and entertaining, as well as educational, they have a pedagogical goal. The gamification of learning materials has effects that support learning, for example, on observation, motivation and emotions, as well as learning outcomes. Luovi Vocational College is active in the Bit the Spectrum project, which utilises VR and AR technology to support the learning of people on the autism spectrum. The project will also produce an online course on the use of ICT in the context of people with special needs.

Digitality in learning is a multifaceted term that covers the use of technology in different contexts, such as the use of methods, programs, apps and hardware in learning processes. Goal-oriented digital solutions increase the student’s opportunity to participate in and influence the learning event in a more versatile way, increasing study motivation and responsibility for their own studies. When used correctly, digitalisation supports learning in a fun and constantly renewing way.

The role of digital technology in teaching is sometimes narrowly focused on individual aspects, such as the use of a specific program or phone in lessons. A broader examination of the topic is also needed from the perspective of digital competence. The project has examined digitalisation in diversifying the learning event by producing VR and AR materials in a student-oriented manner and by examining digital competence as a basic skill for citizens and employees.

Mastering digital skills alongside pedagogical competence is essential, and teaching and guidance work requires knowledge and experiments with new and developing technologies, such as artificial intelligence. At the same time, traditional working methods can be used alongside digital teaching methods. It is essential that teaching staff have the courage to try new things and, on the other hand, be ready for incompleteness as digital services develop rapidly. The expertise gained through experimentation brings certainty and healthy criticality, and the knowledge helps to use technology safely.

Make use of ready-made VR and AR materials: introduce yourself with an AR app or advice to practice travelling by bus in a VR environment. These and other exercises as well as information on student-centered digital learning material design can be found in Finnish  on the Bit The Spectrum project page Luovi.fi website. English site here

Let’s develop more and newer together!

Piia Jokelainen, Project Manager BitThe Spectrum, Luovi