Mobility Ability Handbook

Do you want to learn the correct use of the tools made by the Train for International Trail project? Mobility Ability Handbook is a tool designed for teachers involved in mobility projects abroad, and contains information on the objectives, learning outcomes and guidelines for using each tool.

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The handbook is structured in four sections: overall objectives, learning outcomes, pedagogical guidelines and technical guidelines.

The first section describes the purpose for which the tool was built and the target audience, and the second section lists the learning outcomes that students will achieve.

The pedagogical guidelines section explains the methodological basis on which the tool was built, including guidance for teachers on how best to use it with their students.

Finally, the section on technical guidelines contains instructions of a technical operational nature for teachers, useful to make the tool more effective in the context of the preparation and execution of international mobility actions.

There are also some videos on how to use the tool, the methodology adopted and the experiences of users in different real-life contexts.

Peer Reviews

Teacher from Finland:
It is good to have a guideline for using the tools.